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Welcome home, passion projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Channels?

Channels provides support for outwardly minded studios and artists. Artists choose a nonprofit or charity to support with a portion of their channel’s profits.

Artists: Share your gifts. Change the world.

How do I find channels?

We do not provide a central directory of channels. The only ways to hear about individual channels are directly from the studios, artists, or by word of mouth.

How much does it cost?

Some channels are available at variable subscription rates. Terms are visible on each channel. Start and stop any time.

Some channels can be accessed with the ownership of a corresponding NFT. There will be a “Connect wallet” button on channels with this availability.

How much goes to the causes?

Studios and artists choose a charity or nonprofit to support with 5% of their channel's profits, automatically handled and donated by Channels on their behalf. If they wish to give beyond 5%, they can do so independently.

If they make donations from NFT sales, it will be up to them to determine the amount, make the donation, and to submit a donation verification to Channels in order to receive a nonprofit shield badge on their channel.

How will I get new content once I’ve subscribed to a channel?

When there is new content published to one of your channels, you will receive a Text Message, a WhatsApp Message, or Email. Which you receive depends on which contact method you have added in your Notification Settings.

You can change your notification preferences any time in Notification Settings.

Can I communicate with the artists?

Some studios and artists have communities built inside Discord or Slack, while others engage in private texting, WhatsApp, or Email. The "SEND LOVE" button will take you to the appropriate place to communicate with them.

How can I contact Channels.org?

Technical support: support@channels.org

Say hello: hello@channels.org

Channels.org is in stealth mode.
Share your gifts. Change the world.

Say hello: hello@channels.org